What is Citify Marketplace?

Citify.ca is an online virtual mall, a marketplace, for small stores, businesses, suppliers, wholesalers, liquidators, home businesses, and anything that found in a given city. The platform can also be used to sell gigs, freelance, and services. Shoppers can locate either local products and services within their city, or in any given city across the world and purchase them online and have them delivered to their door by the merchant.

What is Citify's mission?

Citify's mission is for local merchants and service providers to participate on the online marketplace, so as to facilitate the selling of their products, to gain awareness of their brand, and to broaden their area of potential customers, and to serve their local, cross country, and international customers. Citify is committed to give shoppers the ability to discover and purchase local unique products online found within their city, or in any given city of their choice across the world. Our hope is to help small businesses to compete selling online and to serve their local consumers. Our commitment is to create a truly free marketplace where consumers can find true unique products right around the corner or around the world. We also believe there are other benefits that Citify can offer to all its clients.

What are the advantages to sell on Citify?

Citify offers many advantages that a stand alone e-commerce sites cannot. Here a few of them;

1. More traffic by shared marketing efforts.

2. No programming needed

3. No need to deal with SEO

4. Shared community

5. Marketplace marketing efforts

6. Multiple products attract multiple types of clients

7. Inexpensive, no upkeep costs, no monthly fees.

What are the advantages to shop on Citify ?

1. Citify allows you to find local stores and products within your city.

2. Shoppers can either buy their products online and have them deliver to their door, or they can contact them to pick it up themselves.

3.Shoppers can shop for all the local products on mobile, tablet, and computer.

4. Shoppers can browse for products in a given store before visiting their store via mobile, tablet, computer.

5. Shoppers can visit other stores in other cities, for example you live in Montreal but see what products are available in Toronto and purchase them online.

6. Before visiting a City, you can purchase products online and have them delivered to your hotel room during your stay. (contact the merchant for this service)

7. Find unique products that you cannot find within their city, but it is available in another city.

8. Contact merchants, see their reviews, add products to favorites, share products on social media, e-mail to friends, and easy access to your favorite store, find sales for the same product, search product according to your budget.

9. Help consumers with limited mobility to receive local products.

Note: Soon, Citify will be adding maps to each profile, so as to easily find store location, and merchants will be able to add their own coupons for any product.

How Much does it cost to join Citify?

Shoppers join for free, but must register as a shopper to buy products.

Sellers open an account, upload products for free, they only pay only a 5% commission +PayPal fees after they make a sale.

I am a seller, what do I need to sell on Citify ?

You will need a PayPal account and naturally an e-mail account, and a legitimate, legal, good quality product to sell. Indie products are very welcome on Citify, such as indie books, music, products, handcrafts, etc. Products, such as drugs, alcohol, firearms, pornography, adult products are not allowed on Citify.

Do you accept digital products ?

Sometime in the future, Citify will include digital products as possible product to sell, however, at this moment it is still under development.

Who can sell on Citify ?

Ideally, you are an established business, a store, supplier, a wholesaler, an artists, a craftsmen, a professional. However, Citify.ca is open to all who have a legitimate product to sell and is willing to drop-ship their products to clients across Canada, the United States, and anywhere else there is a client.

What is the base currency Citify?

Citify base currency of the marketplace is USD. The price currency is determined by the merchant's store. All currencies are accepted for purchases, and there is a currency converter to know the price in your currency. All purchases will show in USD on your credit card.

How many products can I sell on Citify?


Do you take CSV files or data feeds?

Please contact us if you have a CSV file or data feed. Your CSV file must comply to these rules.

  1. Each item must have a unique SKU value so that we can identify if it exists already
  2. Each item must have a category from your marketplace

How can I pay for products or services ?

Citify employs the encrypted PayPal payment gateway which accepts bank payments and all major credit cards. Visa master card.

Who is responsible for the shipping of the products?

The merchant is responsible for the shipping, shipping costs, and quality of the shipping of products. Citify does not offer fulfillment services at this time.

Who is responsible for the quality, refunds, returns of products?

The vendors and only the vendors are responsible for their own return, refund, and quality of products and services. They may have all different policies concerning refund and returns. All vendors should have their policy in their profile or in the product description, if none is found we suggest that you contact the vendor before purchase. Citify is not able to give guarantees on any product or service, nor can it get involved in any dispute between vendor and merchant at this time concerning refunds, returns and exchanges.

What about Taxes?

Citify cannot collect taxes on behalf of the merchants, and since taxes and tax percentages may differ region to region, country to country, it would be better to have every merchant responsible for their own taxes and to report income to their own respective governments. Prices should include the the countries and regional taxes in the final price.

It is recommended to merchants to inform clients the potential costs of border taxes and other costs that might be associated with their purchase. However, such details are hard to determine since every country have different rules and costs when receiving merchandise from another country. It will be up to the consumer to do due diligence and take responsibility of any additional costs and taxes that might be placed upon them at border for import taxes and the like.

EU sellers are solely responsible to add their VAT number as required by law.

I only deliver to certain places.

Citify allows you to create your own shipping profile, either profile based where you decide which country you would like to deliver, basic where you place the delivery on your own terms, territories, costs, pick up option, and weighed where your shipping costs will be determined by the weight of the product. In brief, Citify allows you to determine the areas and costs of your delivery through your delivery option.

Is Citify only a Canadian website/app?

NO. Citify was originally created with the Canadian markets in mind, but changed course to a global marketplace when merchants from around the world became interested in Citify, therefore, Citify is still based in Canada, but the marketplace is a truly global marketplace in which the world's store owners merchants, wholesalers, artists, can buy and sell.

I cant find anything in my city.

It is possible there are no merchants in your city that have joined Citify. We are working very hard to recruit more stores to place their products on our marketplace. This as you may imagine will take time and effort. You can help by informing local stores about our existance and inform them that you would like to have their products to be easily acceceable on mobile/web.