Citify Job Market is not only a market for local products, but it is also a labor market in which local shop owners, employers, and individuals can find either local or online talent. has made three completely FREE job boards available to anyone and everyone.

The Job market is divided into three sections.

1. Local general jobs, anything can be posted here.

2. Freelancers either online or in person can be posted here.

3. Contractors, handymen, renovations, labor, cleaning etc can be posted here

The job boards are all connected together with the marketplace. The job boards serve all cities and all locations.

The marketplace also welcomes service providers, freelancers, and talented individuals to post gigs, services that can be offered and bought online. It can be a gig that can be done either online or in person. Remember that there is a review system built-in the marketplace, so each person, contractor, service provider, can be reviewed for their services. Questions can be asked and service providers contacted, just like any other merchant on the system.

In this way, a job can be posted and found by a shopper who so happens to be looking for a new job. A shopkeeper can find either a contractor for a little renovation project, or a new sales clerk. The freelancer can find a little short term gig here and there and it all can be local, and the marketplace can be used to post little gigs that serve merchants in many online or offline duties.

We hope that you will find this addition useful and we do hope it will get people connected.

Please remember that will posting jobs there exclusively. We are presently looking for affiliates and for drivers for our bank of candidates for an eventual inner city delivery service.