Computer PC Keystroke Key Logger Remote Monitoring Software Stick Adaptor

By 123station123 From Hong Kong

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The stick is the Deluxe version of our most popular PC monitoring software. this Deluxe version now emails you all of the logged information, so you can access it remotely!

Perfect for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids' computer activities, employers who want to monitor their employees' productivity, or private investigators gathering information. This is a covert computer logging device.

Installing this stick is simple and takes less than 15 seconds. Simply insert the USB device into the PC you want to monitor, click "Install", and the software starts tracking every single keystoke typed! It can even take screenshots at pre-determined intervals or when pre-determined words are typed.

As the information is logged on the computer, it is hidden and encrypted so that the computer user will not stumble across the logged data. When you are ready to retrieve the screenshots and keystroke data, simply plug the unit back into the computer, and with a click of a button, the information is decrypted and moved over to the USB drive. You can then take the information and examine it at your convenience later on any computer. The 4GB drive will store up to 60-70 thousand screenshots and practically unlimited text. This Deluxe version also allows you to email the logged data and screenshots to your email, so you do not have to manually remove the keystrokes from the PC.


Records keystrokes exactly as they are typed (case sensitive) Records screenshots at either set intervals, when certain keywords are typed Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, Vista SP1, and Windows 7, 8 Undetectable by most software Locally stored data is strongly encrypted with unique key for each device Internet Connection Required to Email Logged Data Drive Capacity: 4GB NOT Macintosh Compatible