Computer PC Hard Drive HD Disk Storage Recover Protect Data Recovery Stick Adaptor

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Almost anyone that uses a computer has accidentally deleted something they didn't want to. It's common knowledge that when you deleted something, even if you empty your Recycle Bin, the data is not gone. Deleted data can be recovered at any time as long as new data does not overwrite the old data. Imagine being able to recover the family photo album you accidentally deleted or being able to check up on what your kids are trying to hide from you.

Until now, deleted data recovery has been too complex for most computer users. Deleted data recovery is one of the cornerstones of computer forensics. In fact, the Data Recovery Stick uses technology found in Paraben's advanced computer forensic software used by law enforcement and digital investigators for years. Now you have the power of deleted data recovery in an easy-to-use stick that even the most novice computer users can use. *Please Note: The storage device you are recovering data from must be a physical drive. Some cameras, such as iPhone cameras, only give logical drive accesss and images cannot be recovered from such devices. You must also have the proper media reader for some types of storage.


What Can the Data Recovery Stick Recover?

JPG (JPEG) Data Recovery
.BMP (BITMAP) Data Recovery
.PNG Data Recovery
.TIFF Data Recovery
.EMF Data Recovery
MS Office Documents
.DOC - Word Data Recovery
.DOCX - Word 2007 Data Recovery
.XLS - Excel Data Recovery
.XLSX - Excell 2007 Data Recovery
.PPT - Power Point Data Recovery
.PUB - Publisher Data Recovery .VSD - Visio Data Recovery
.MDB - Access Data Recovery
Open Office Documents
OpenDocument Spreadsheet Data Recovery
OpenDocument Text Data Recovery
Open Office OpenDocument Presentation Data Recovery
OpenDocument Graphics Data Recovery
OpenDocument Database Data Recovery
Other Documents
.PDF - Adobe PDF Data Recovery
.RTF - Rich Text Format Data Recovery
AutoCad Data Recovery
MindManager Brainstorm and Process Control Data Recovery
.CHM - Help File Data Recovery
.HTML - Web Page Data Recovery
.MP3 - MPEG Data Recovery
Operating System Campatiblity
Windows 98/SE
Windows ME
Windows XP/2000 Professional/ Home Editon
Windows Vista 32/64/Home/Professional
Windows 7 32/64/Home/Professional