Eccotemp FVI12-LP Indoor Forced Vent Liquid Propane Tankless Water Heater Horizontal Bundle

By Eccotemp Systems From Canada

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This bundle includes the FVI12-LP Tankless water heater, 2.5" to 3" Stainless steel adapter, and the 3" Horizontal vent kit.

The Eccotemp FVI12-LP tankless water heater is a liquid propane fired, indoor tankless water heater designed for small to medium hot water production where you need more than one hot water application at the same time. The Eccotemp FVI12-LP  tankless water heater is perfect for vacation cabins, cottages, and smaller homes. This bundle comes with a horizontal stainless steel vent kit, read to install. The Eccotemp FVI12-LPs 120 volt UL listed power cord powers the internal exhaust fan and digital display.  It only pulls about 2 watts idle and 1.07 Amps during operation, making it ideal when energy conservation is paramount.  

Some additional Features:
True 1/2" NPT water fittings
*Manual water temperature controls
Liquid propane fired
Sleek modern design
4 GPM flow capacity
Power ventilation for safety, efficiency and venting options
Tested-Safe Electronic ignition system
74,000 BTU
Digital temperature display
Fully independent gas and water controls
Precise temperature and water flow adjustment
Weighs only 33 pounds
Unit Dimensions are 15”x24”x4”
Stainless vent kit included
Uses gas only when hot water is on.
Requires standard household 120 volt electric outlet
UL listed electrical components
Two year warranty
*Not for use with a bilge pump
Maximum / Minimum gas rate: 25,000 - 74,500 BTUs
Energy factor: 79%
Hot water capacity range: 0.93 - 4.8 GPM

Please Note: Failure to clean and descale your water heater quarterly can result in Lime and sediment build up within the heater, which can void your warranty! We recommend using the Flow-Aide System Descaler Kit to ensure a clean, energy efficient, long lasting heater!  

2.5 to 3" Stainless steel adapter
This stainless steel adapter can be used with the Eccotemp FVI12 series taking it from a 2.5" to a standard 3" vent system. Total length is 6". Note, you may need to purchase a straight pipe piece with backflow preventer to ensure that freezing air does not come back through the vent pipe.

Eccotemp Horizontal Vent Kit 3"
3" single walled Horizontal Stainless Steel Z-Vent Wall Hung Water Heater Vent Kit for Eccotemp 40HI-LP and 40HI-NG (indoor) models.  This vent kit is supplied with all the necessary components for a quick and seamless installation.  It includes the following pieces:
(1) 3" x 90 Degree Elbow
(1) 3" x 1' Pipe
(1) 3" Wall Thimble
(1) 3" Appliance Adapter
(1) Termination Hood with backflow preventer

Made of AL-294C stainless steel.  This is Category II/III and UL approved.

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