Shimomura lightweight 24 cm flat-bottom cast iron wok (Japan Import)

By G-Japan From Japan

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Our new innovated lightweight 24 cm (9.45") flat-bottom cast iron wok which only weighted 920g, approximately half of weight lighter than the most of the same size cast-iron skillet products currently selling on the market today.
Using an advanced Nitriding treatment which makes our wok rust-resistant and durable so it can last a very long time.
Seasoned, Non-Stick, ready to use right out of the box, and super easy to clean, simply use hot water and wipe/heat dry after each use for normal daily cooking. No oil coating is necessary other than a cooking accident*. *To clean burned food residue at the bottom of the pan, rinse with hot water first then scrap (recommend using coarse salt), dry and coat with a layer of your preferred oil.
Even heat distribution and superior heat retention, use on Gas, Electric, Halogen, Induction (200V compatible) Stoves.
Ship directly from Japan, so the user manual is written in the Japanese language