Wooden Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl with hand roll sushi set and 2 Nagatanien Sushi Taro (Chirashi-Sushi)

By G-Japan From Japan

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Wooden Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl - The right tool to make a perfect sushi rice, for sushi bowl or hand roll sushi.
100% made with natural wood ( Japanese Hinoki Cypress)
Size: Dia 27cm(10.6") × H 8.8cm(3.5"), 3 - 4 servings
Nagatanien sushi Taro is a Chirashi-Sushi Base, simply mix the package with hot boiled rice in the Wooden Sushi Rice Mixing Bowl, and top with your favourite toppings (ex. Salmon, Tuna, Prawn, Salmon Roe, Cucumber, Avocado..etc.) then finish up with the Sesame & Seaweed Mixing (package).
Chirashi-Sushi Base Ingredient: Lotus Root, Carrot, Kanpyo, Bamboo Shoot, Shiitake, Rice Vinegar, Black Vinegar, Mirin, Bonito Fish Powder, Kelp Extract, Salt, Soy Source (contain wheat), Amino Acid, Sesame, Seaweed
Package Include: 1 Sushi Mixing Bowl, 3 Bamboo Mats, 1 Rice Spatula, 2 packs of Gomoku Chirashi Sushi Rice Base (4 servings per pack)
Country of Origin: Japan