2018 x15 Super Pocket Bike - 90cc

By Venom Motorsports From Canada

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The all new 2018 x15 is here! It comes equipped with a 90cc 4 stroke engine. Backed up with a 1 year warranty, the engine is fully automatic meaning you don't need to shift gears, just pull the throttle and off you go! Push start is the way you start the bike and the adjustable suspension handles the road like a champ. It feels very solid when touching it, the finish on the bike is excellent in terms of paint work and how it all fits together and it weights a little over 110lb to give you an idea of the quality of such a small bike. The best part of the bike is the performance tune up on the exhaust. The exhaust is move and located under the bike! Gives it a very sporty tuned bike look and sounds aggressive! Truly is a performance bike, with the way it handles and the way it looks. The upgraded front and rear hydraulic disc brakes make it really easy to stop and the upgraded racing tires make it stick to the ground. It has a locking gas tank, speedometer and real LED headlights. The 2018 x15 super pocket bike has a sleek look from its headlights, it is the little brother to the Ducati 959. Same aggressive and modern look, just smaller making the x15 the best starter pocket bike/super pocket bike. Great for Kids and Teens aged 8-16 years of age. Its also great for older teens and adults to play around the neighbourhood or a nice piece to add to the collection in the man-cave for adults.

Length: 52inches
Width: 15inches
Height: 23inches
Seat Height: 18 inches from the ground