TaoTao 125cc Mamba Dirt Bike Motocross DB17 - Manual

By Venom Motorsports From Canada

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This is a Brand New TaoTao DB17 125cc Dirt Bike Pit Bike Motocross - 4 Speed Manual

The DB17 Tao Tao 125cc Pit Bike is a great bike for the teenage boy/girl looking to learn and go off-roading!
This Mamba features larger tires and a taller seat height that makes it just right for adult riders. The extra size also means more ground clearance so the DB17 can handle rugged off-road riding. The front tire is 17" and the rear tire is 14". The 4-stroke, air-cooled engine is easy to maintain and easy to start. Dual disc brakes, and tough all-terrain tires combined with the powerful 125cc engine makes riding this a thrill!
Fully manual clutch gets you the real feel of a full-size pit bike. Great to learn on bike before purchasing a full sized pit bike. Meant for the racer in you, and also for the wild adventurous side in you. Fully upgraded forks and suspension are ready to absorb most bumps and jumps. Hydraulic front & rear disc brakes for increased brake performance.
Are you passionate to ride a pit bike but don’t know if you are ready for it? If yes, then you can start with this one! You are looking at a brand new TaoTao 125cc Mamba Dirt Bike Motocross DB17 - Manual.

With the word “manual,” we mean a complete manual clutch which would give you the experience of a full-size pit bike. This beast is an ultimate package of thrill and adventure that you seek. 125cc Taotao Dirt Bike has fully upgraded forks, and with suspension ready to absorb the bumps and jumps to experience in the venture you have in mind. But keeping the security in mind, this model contains dual Hydraulic front & rear disc brake for increased brake performances and emergency times. Taotao in Canada will come with a taller seat, which would give you the feel of a full-size pit bike. Riding with this bike would give you the experience and confidence to ride this bike smoothly, without any trouble. This could be a splendid starter pit bike for you to practice and enhance your skills.

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This ride will hit your adrenaline with excitement with its hefty engine of 125cc. If you have been waiting to unleash the rider in you for a long time, well your search ends here with Venom Motorsports In Canada!

Now the only question is- Are YOU ready to throttle this Taotao, in Canada?